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Random event on the road in Accra……..

Timeline: Yesterday

Red, yellow and green (unlit) LEDs used in a t...Image via Wikipedia 

Venue: 37 Military hospital traffic light.

“That monster hates my guts!!” Always has! Like, this bad old monster waited till it was my turn to move through the stand-still traffic to turn it’s angry red glare on me!!!  (Like it always does!!!) Anywho, so I’m on my way to work and the light stops me, and there’s this trotro in the lane next to me who overshot the light by like a metre. I’ll tell you why I’m mentioning that in a minute.So I’m grumbling and cussing at the light when this guy comes up to my window and asks me to buy some of his grapes.  They are big and juicy looking but I’m not carrying any loose change and don’t feel like waiting for him to try and change a big note but I digress.

This young grape seller (did I mention that he looked HAWT?  He shouldn’t be selling by the roadside)  he begins lambasting this woman in the backseat of the trotro.  Apparently she dropped a used “pure water” sachet out the window and into the street.  The woman ignores said young man and rolls her eyes.  The young man keeps complaining then bends over to pick up the bag.  It’s what he does next that’s got me grinning even now.  Just as the light turned green, he shoved the bag through the woman’s window and into the trotro!

It is so refreshing to see that people still care about the environment.

Or is it because the AMA holds the street hawkers to task when the area is filthy, hmm?  LOL


Demolition Man: More Than Fiction?

Okay so, remember the movie “Demolition Man”?  You know, the one with Sly Stalone and Wesley Snipes?  Yes I agree the movie was wonderful and I enjoyed it still when I saw it last week on DSTV.  But I digress.  What I want you to recall from the movie is these little puppies.

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Anywho, for those of you still scratching their heads, I am referring to the “Vir-Sex”  devices in the movie.  You know, what they used to replace sex, as swapping of body fluids had been outlawed and unliscensed pregnancy was illegal?  Vir-sex removed all the awkwardness of dating and procreation. Why anyone would want to outlaw sex is beyond my comprehension but hey, it was a movie right?  No chance of that ever happening…..right?  I mean, right guys? 
Why has my mind gone to Vir-Sex, you ask?  Why because of THIS CNN article. Yes, for $7000 you can own your very own sex robot.  It comes with voice recognition and will speak to you about anything from golf to the war in Iraq.  And she’s good at faking it too.  Oh joy!  Funny thing is how the inventor insists he’s happily married and yet spent three years building a sex robot.  (I’m shaking my head right now)  People’s priorities are screwed.  We have war and famine to consider, diseases to control and eliminate, several issues pertaining to water and energy and yet people with technological know-how are concentrating on providing something a man can pick up in the red light district or sex shop.  Such a shame.
We live in a world where computers and the internet have taken over a lot of social niceties.  Children text their friends even when they’re sitting right next to them. Serial texters like Reina Hardesty, who confessed that she texted her girlfriends while sitting next to them at her own party, are too addicited to their gadgets and have little time for face to face conversations. Facebook and Twitter take so much of our time that we sometimes have to go cold turkey.  I went off facebook for two years and signed in again with a new account.  I very well may leave it soon because it’s too distracting. I digress once more….
I think it started with online dating which basically removed the social functions and now we’ve fallen even deeper down the rabbit hole.  Is it only a matter of time before we replace sex altogether? 
Perhaps I should holla @ Sandra Bullock and ask her where I can get one of those Vir-Sex things.  After all, in Demolition Man, “Bullock” (Lenina Huxley) tells “Stalone” (John Spartan) about the Arnold Schwarzenegger Presidential Library.  According to the movie, Arnie got so popular from his films that an amendment was passed so he could run for president.  Of course, Arnie won.  Funny thing is how Arnie is current Governor of California (true story!) and shortly after his election, three senators separately proposed amendments to the US Constitution to allow naturalized citizens to become president.
They foresaw his political ambitions so who’s to say they weren’t right about everything else? 😛
Three seashells anyone?  LOL