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Accra: Village, Slum or City?

Woke up this morning to see this article floating about on twitter. In this article, Eonline reporter  Alyssa Toomey writes, “The handsome boy-banders visited the impoverished village of Accra and took to Twitter to detail their eye-opening experience.”
From what I can surmise, Comic Relief (responsible for Red Nose Day)  brought One Direction to Accra. Lord knows which parts of Accra they sent them to, but hey, they saw a slum or two.
This is what one member had to say about his trip:
Hey Niall, thanks for visiting my country (even though you only visited Accra) and thanks for wanting to help those who are poverty stricken but here’s some thing you need to wise up to. Poverty is everywhere, even in your beloved United Kingdom. How is it that you managed not to notice that “poverty is real” before you visited my “impoverished village of Accra”?

In response to the article and the tweets from Niall Horan, GH twitter had a field day. Aside from tweets like mine which expressed outrage, a lot took to humour to voice their displeasure.

This one from Wanlov the Kubolor had me laughing my butt off!

I can’t blame One Direction.  They’re kids, really and hey, I can understand to some degree how in all the excitement, the band members could have tweeted like they did.  You can never see poverty and walk away untouched.  You’d have to be a cold bastard for that.

My beef is with the article on Eonline and thus, with  Alyssa Toomey. Ms. Toomey apparently failed to do her research before posting the article.  Even worse, the article either did not go through an editor, or her editor was an ignoramus. Accra is not an “impoverished village”. So I asked Niall, One Direction and Eonline to please tell Alyssa that Accra is not a village.  None of them bothered responding but that’s to be expected.  I tweeted at Alyssa herself asking her to edit the article and deliver an apology but received no response. I didn’t really expect otherwise.

While others rant on about whether or not Accra is a “modern city” and complain about the “dirt” etc, I would like to make myself very clear.

A village is defined by my common dictionary to be:

  1. A group of houses and associated buildings, larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town, situated in a rural area.
  2. A self-contained district or community within a town or city, regarded as having features characteristic of village life.

Accra is very much an urban area, no matter what people choose to say about it. It is larger than a town. Perhaps the slum that was visited could be described as a village but my Capital City of Accra truly fails to meet the description of a village.  It is a CITY! I do not understand why the word village has come to mean in some people’s minds, “a dirty group of mud houses with animals roaming freely about”. Please! Not every village comes with complimentary death and squalor. Accra has a huge problem with sanitation and we need to get our people to stop throwing their crap in the street but just cuz some so called “villagers” have relocated to Accra from the rural areas etc does not mean it has become a village.

Every city the world over has its share of poverty. I don’t really care about the author tagging Accra as impoverished.  Hey, if she thinks hotels like Movenpick Ambassador and La Palm Royal are signs of impoverishment, that’s her problem. I can take her behind Dekalb in the Bronx or walk her through Harlem and show her some poor people. Would she like to call those places villages too? Even in Memphis, I saw squalor.The abject poverty I have witnessed will not let me attempt to fool anyone that we do not indeed have impoverished sections (and a lot of them) in Accra.

My problem is with western media always needing to portray Africa as a poverty ridden “country”. They blatantly refuse to show the progress we’re making. Growing up, I studied geography and read a lot so I knew most of the states of America and of course, that the Britain was a teeny weeny Island etc. It was all drummed into my head, whether I wanted to know it or not.  So how come Western kids do not know that Africa is a continent? How could Alyssa Toomey not have checked facts on Ghana and thus not know that Accra was our Capital city?

Later on in the day, I discovered that the article had been edited and the insulting phrase taken out. I feel better, knowing that at least one more person out there will think twice before writing about my homeland in a derogatory manner.  I don’t care if you tell the truth about my country.  Talk about the poverty all you like (but talk about yours too and maintain the balance) but please do not make the mistake of belittling us.

To celebs like One Direction who love to do charity work, kudos. Your hard work is really appreciated but please for the love of all things Holy, do your homework. Don’t mar the good work you do with ignorant comments.

My final two cents is meant for all Ghanaians. Can we fix up our city? Please? Accra is a health hazard and it’s time we cleaned it up. We have town and country planning.  Why are their codes being ignored? Why are people dumping rubbish wherever they feel like? And what do we do about the mass exodus of people from rural areas to our urban centres? How long has that Slum at Korle Gono been in existence and what has been done to take care of it?

Until we make strides to improve things and better brand our nation, we will forever have ignorant impressions running around about this country and the rest of Africa. Let’s work together to paint a better picture of our homeland.  It’s the only one we have! 

God Bless Ghana!


Dealing with Scoliosis: The Foot Chronicles

From the very moment I was diagnosed with scoliosis (back in high school) two things were knocked into my head. One, that I should get used to the constant pain and inability to stand straight, and two, that I should forget about wearing high heels. It really didn’t bother me much, not being able to wear heels, and as I’ve always been a “tall girl” and was going through a sort of tomboyish phase (can’t be a real tomboy if you’re not sporty), I turned my attention to sneakers. 

I remember my mom’s constant battles to get me to wear flat granny shoes (which I considered to be school marmish) and out of the jeans, baggy shirts and sneakers combo.  Even when she could get me into a sexy spaghetti top, I’d pull on a pair of baggy jeans and one of my brothers’ or dad’s long sleeved shirts to cover the top.  My entire university education was spent battling my mother on what to wear (as a proper young lady).

Eventually, I hit a phase where I said “screw you” to my orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors/ physiotherapists. I’d finally reached the point when my feminine instincts rolled in and I wanted to look as glamorous as the next chic. So I began my heel collection. It’s nothing much, I assure you and consists mainly of peep toe pumps and sandals. It didn’t take long for me to realise one thing though, the docs and all were right: I can’t wear my gorgeous heels for too long or I end up spending days laid out in bed with heating pads and liniment to keep me company. My solution? Carrying around a pair of flat slippers or in recent years, comfortable flats.

No not these

You know, like these? They’re beautiful and not marmish at all!

These are so comfy!  And fit easily under my seat in the car (or in my handbag) and on those days where I can’t deal with the woes of a high heel but have one problem.  Unlike my sneakers where I wear socks which absorb any sweat off my feet (I live in Africa, people), my flats are impossible to wear stockings with. They are simply cut too low to accommodate them. What makes it worse is, they do not come with removable inlays.  As embarrassing as this is to confess, my ultra comfortable shoes have plagued me with one problem.

I can’t clean the bloody things!!!

There.  I’ve said it. I have found it impossible to care for my flats.  I’m not the only one with this problem.  Yes, I’ve aired them  like I air my sneakers but they do not smell like new shoes anymore.  I am told the slightly vinegar-ish smell is normal for leather shoes but I refuse to wear shoes that I cannot clean!!! My feet smell absolutely fine. They smell nothing like the shoes do.  The second my feet are out of them, they smell fine.  I’ve had a shoe maker remove the insoles so I could scrub them without ruining the shoes.  I have to agree that the smell isn’t bad but the thing is I’ve never had this problem with sneakers! To me, it’s simple.  Shoes are shoes. Canvas may breathe differently from leather but I simply refuse to accept something that isn’t natural to me, especially when none of my leather heels have this effect.

So I set out to do two things.  Learn how to avoid or minimize my back pain when wearing heels and also how to take care of my troublesome flats. I discovered the following:

  1. Ultra Low Foot liners by Minicci 
  2. The Proper Way to Walk in Heels 
  3. How to take care of flats the Daixy way.

I adore the foot liners.  They are low enough that they do not show when I put on my flats and  thick enough to absorb any moisture that my feet my produce.  Even better, they are machine washable for those days when I’m feeling too lazy to do anything by hand.

I also discovered that you can take away the tomboyish clothes but you can’t take away the walk.  I’m practicing in my heels every evening now for fifteen minutes a day.  Hopefully I’ll be a pro soon and quit injuring myself every time I wear my stilettos.

Finally, I have devised a way to deal with my need to have my shoes smelling like roses.  First, of course was removing the cloth lined inlays from the shoes so I could clean them.  Then I discovered odour controlling inlays that could go into the shoes, on top of the inbuilt ones. I refuse to use deodorants (why mask a smell?  I always say to attack the problem head on) and as I’ve become a bit of a home remedy junkie, I decided to find something in my home which would work as well as the charcoal inserts suggested by a friend in the USA. My solution works well with the fact that I like to clean my inlays and have thus ripped them out.  My solution?  Baking soda!  Every time I take off my flats now, I toss in a teaspoon of baking soda and shake it about.  I leave it in there when I dry them in the sun and pour it out when I’m ready to wear the shoes.  Just tap gently and it all pours out.  I wipe the insides of the shoes with a cloth and slip in my stockinged feet and away I go.  Comfort, Pain-free and absolutely sure all moisture is taken care off.

It’s been a strange journey, finding a way to deal with scoliosis.  The teasing all through primary and high school, the awkwardness of growing into my body and finally finding a “me” I’m comfortable with, and finding a way to look and feel beautiful without sacrificing my health and comfort.  I believe I’ve reached my zen foot-wise.  Now it’s down to proper exercise and diet to keep my weight stable and myself pain free.

What’s your story with shoe care or walking in heels?  Is there anyone else out there with back pain who dares to wear heels?


I Know What I Did This Christmas……

I got a lot of cooking done!!!

Actually, I got a lot more baking done than cooking. Unfortunately, my camera was misbehaving so I couldn’t record the instructional video I had intended this to be.  At the last minute, I found an old camera and got a few shots of my yule log.  So, to make my readers hungry and to get some of you in the kitchen, here’s my recipe for a Christmas log.  It’s essentially a swiss roll covered in frosting.  I chose to go a step further and make it look more authentic.


Chocolate log
300g self raising flour
400g sugar
50g cocoa powder (don’t be stingy: get the good stuff like cadbury’s)
10 eggs (separated)
1tsp almond essence

1/2 cup whipping cream
100g baking chocolate

300g chocolate
1cup whipping cream
1/4 cup icing/confectioner’s sugar
Mint sprigs and cherry (optional)

Making the cake:

  1. Preheat your oven (I turn mine on to gas mark 5) and line your baking tray with wax paper.
  2. Start off by separating your egg whites from the yolks.  I put the yolks in the mixing bowl to go with my heavy duty  mixer and the whites in a glass bowl so I could whip them with my hand mixer.
  3. Add your sugar and almond essence to the eggs and mix them till the mixture gains a yellow frothy consistency.
  4. Add your flour and cocoa powder and mix.  You should have a nice rich chocolaty goop now.
  5. Beat your egg whites with the hand mixer until stiff peaks form (like you’re making a meringue) 
  6. Mix a bit of the egg whites into the cake mix then fold in the rest of the egg whites. (you want to conserve as much air as possible
  7. With your rubber spatula, spread the cake mix onto your paper-lined tray and pop it into the oven.
  8. Bake for 10 minutes (you’ll know it’s done when the cake is firm to the touch but feels spongy.  don’t burn it!!!)

Roll your cake tightly (with the parchment paper) I roll lenghtwise so I have a long log. After a few minutes, unroll the log and spread the filling. For the filling:

  1. In a double boiler, melt your chocolate.  let it cool a bit, then;
  2. In a bowl over ice water, whip the whipping cream till stiff peaks form.
  3. Mix a bit of the whip cream in with the chocolate (this way, you ensure the chocolate ends up at about the same temperature as the cream) pour the chocolate into the cream and fold.
  4. Spread the filling onto the inner layer of the unrolled cake.  make sure to avoid spreading it to the edges of the log. You do NOT want it spilling outside the cake.

Roll the log tightly, peeling off the wax paper as you go along.  Place the rolled log in a kitchen towel and tie off the ends to keep the shape (or do what I do and wrap it in aluminium foil and place it in the fridge to set).
When you’re ready to frost the cake, cut off about an inch off both ends of the log.  One of these can be used to make the large bump. Now cut 1/4 of the cake off (make sure to make a diagonal cut (you’ll thank me later).  This will be your branchy thingy.

Now for the frosting.

  1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler and let it cool a bit.  You do not want to pour HOT chocolate into the cream.  That would make it curdle.
  2. Over a bowl of ice water, whip the cream till stiff peaks form.  Add the icing sugar and mix well.
  3. Mix a bit of the cream in with the cooling chocolate then fold the chocolate into the cream.  

Spread some frosting on the seam of the longer piece of log and place it on the cake board or plate. spread a bit of icing on the  diagonal cut on the smaller log and attach that to the main log. Spread the frosting in lengthwise strokes on the entire log. You can choose to glue one of the 1inch pieces you cut off earlier to the log. I thought I’d try not to waste cake and did that. the finished product will look like this.

 Yeah, I know it’s not pretty

Next, with your trusty fork of truth, lightly score along the cake. I thought this would make it look more woody and it did!  Remember you have to work fast as the frosting doesn’t appreciate heat.

It will now look like this.

I chose to place chocolate chips on the log to make small bumps.

When I think of a christmas log, I imagine snow for some reason.  So I dusted some icing sugar onto the log (this can be messy if you do not have a small sieve.  I need to buy one of those)

Next, place a few  sprigs of fresh mint (I used three as I had small ones) and place a cherry in the centre.

And Voila!  You have one very yummy Yule Log to amaze your family with.  It looks and tastes wonderful and much as I was reluctant to cut it, it looked even better as it was being hacked at. Remember to keep it refrigerated on account of the cream.  Oh and if you can avoid having a messy board like I have, you have my adoration.
Happy Holidays, Darlings.

Most Troublesome Network……

There’s a turf war currently ongoing in the country and unlike in most others, this isn’t about drugs or prostitution.  It’s a TELECOM war, my dears and some generals are taking the piss in their desperate bid to claim customers and eat into our meagre salaries.

Last Thursday, I was sitting in my office when this number (054-430-2037) called me.  A lady by the name of Patricia informed me that she was calling from MTN, thanked me for my patience in advance (if only she’d known I was having a bad day and in a foul mood) and then went on to list the benefits of porting to MTN. I have to be honest, I do not recall the supposed benefits but Samuel Dowuna sums things up nicely here.

I’ve got to say I was surprised.  I’m an Airtel customer; have been from the very second they landed on our shores and I’m very happy with their service. I did not get why or how MTN had the brass bits to call me on my cellphone and ask me to port to their network. I told Patricia I wasn’t interested and that I wasn’t impressed by this aggressive advertising. She thanked me and we said our goodbyes.

After reading the daily graphic however, I figured out why they were doing this and had a real good laugh.  MyJoyOnline posted the article the next day “MTN, tiGO lose market share”.  Out of curiosity I called Patricia back. She insisted that yes, she was an MTN employee and  could be located at the head office.  Yes, I should come over there and ask for her, I can confirm that she does indeed work there.  She informed me that she has been provided with a list of Airtel numbers and has been tasked with dialling them up and informing them of the benefits of switching to MTN.

According to Patricia, all the Telcos are using this aggressive method to get people to switch to their services. MTN has simply decided to lay back and relax so while the others are putting up posters and making noise to the general public, they target individuals.  “Oh you don’t have to come to our office”, she says, “we’ll meet you anywhere you want and do it for you”.

Seriously? Provided that Patricia isn’t playing some silly game with a supposedly endless supply of credits her cocaine dealer sugar daddy has provided her, MTN in my opinion has gone too far.  Invading on an individual’s privacy to advertise your services is not right.  In their minds, they think it’s tele marketing and legal and therefore right.  But I disagree with them.  When I was in Memphis and had people calling my house, it wasn’t that they’d identified me as a member of the competition and wanted me to switch services, it was simply them calling and asking me if I used a particular service say, “water” and what did I think about water?  Would I then be interested in trying out “milk”? No one ever called my house saying, “I know you’re a coke sniffer but let me tell you that crack is better and you should switch to that”.

I really feel that MTN has gone too far with this campaign of theirs. Airtel isn’t calling up MTN subscribers on their cellphones and asking them to port.  I can’t vouch for tiGO and Vodafone as I do not use their services.  I think it’s a low down dirty game they’re playing and have to say this clearly.  MTN GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!! I see now why you’ve not been spending money to advertise porting to your network.

There’s a reason why they’re called the “Most Troublesome Network” and they’ve just gone and proved it once more. Is this the same MTN that said they were committed to Mobile number portability and wouldn’t make trouble? I get it, you dropped a couple of points on the market and want to redeem yourselves.  Someone on top said “fix this” and someone went overboard and gave the order to hit ’em where the sun don’t shine but I can’t excuse this sort of behaviour.  It’s not ethical!!!  It may be legal but it’s most unethical!  It’s time MTN played this game right. God protect them if Glo should get their shit together.  If MTN cannot face healthy competition from Airtel, how are they going to handle Glo, which has already cleared them out of one or two West African countries?  MTN has already received a warning for their ambush advertising. I figured they’d learn from that.

I’ve reported this incident to Airtel (given them the name and number) and this is my two cents thrown into the fray.  I think that it’s only fair that they know what their competition is doing. I also think that it’s time that the NCA checked what these TELCOS are up to.  Never mind that it’s legal, I haven’t had to deal with telemarketers in Ghana and am damn happy for that.  I insist that we keep things that way.

Have you had any telco call you up and ask you to switch from your network to theirs?  Please let me know.  Just drop a comment down below.  I especially want to know from other networks if Airtel is lying to me.  If MTN or any other network has pulled this stunt on you, let me know.  As always, there’s two sides to a coin. I’d like to know what’s happening on the other team.


The Adventures of Ginger Rayne Maxen…….

Naughty Ginger stole some fish
Silly Ginger got his dish
Dessert was best served with a bone in his teeth
That he couldn’t dislodge with his hands nor his feet

So Mama Daixy called the vet
Together they chased down the frightened pet
Fished the bone out from mouth agape
Finally let him make his escape

Now Ginger lies curled up on mama’s bed
Quite the adventure he has led
Perhaps now he will learn his lesson
And stop stealing meat from out the kitchen!!!


LOL.  I wrote this one crazy evening when I got called in from work to help with a kitty emergency.  Somehow, despite my insistence that I didn’t want any more pets, the cats in the house (dogs too) have become my responsibility.  And I have to say that my little Ginger can be quite the handful.  From peeing on my bed (and me) on his first day, to stealing chicken from my dad’s dinner, the little bugger has now taken to mewling outside my window at 5am (on the dot!)

I know the poem is cheesy but I couldn’t resist making fun of him.  Oh and the picture is of him as a kitten, tucked up in his basket. He still pulls such contortionist positions when he sleeps 😉

Mob Mentality: It Can Lead to Fail

Time: 3am
Date: 31st March, 2011
Location: Mensah Sarbah Hall Annex B, University of Ghana

Event: Apprehend a female thief and show her what’s what.

Thursday had me busy at work. I ignored the internet and there’s no radio in my office so I missed the debates. The evening saw me having the time of my life at the Labadi Beach Hotel with my family and I got home too late to bother with anything running the gossip rounds.  Fast forward to Friday, April first and my shock at reading a tweet by Nii Ayertey about Amina and how she could have been his sister.  I thought, “what’s going on now?” and followed the link to this CitiFm story.  And then I prayed it was some sick April Fool’s Joke.

At about 3am on March 31st, some male students of Mensah Sarbah Hall of the University of Ghana through whatever means, decided “to catch a thief“. Unfortunately, there is NO correlation between these kids and the characters in the movie/book.  No one is quite sure how they caught this girl or how they got a confession out of her. We do know though that instead of handing her over to the police, they chose to beat her up. The girl in the video clearly has a black eye and unless she did that to herself trying to escape (silly excuse really) I call these boys women beaters. I do not condone mob action and always insist on turning over suspects to the police and for good reason. You never quite know who the mob has apprehended, and you sure as heck don’t have anyone in a mob listening to reason.

I do not know at what point in time the boys chose to strip her naked. Parading her in the Hall, they did more than that.  They tore her clothes off of her, exposing her bra and panties.  Even those were not spared however, despite her pleas for mercy. Bottom line, they exposed her nether regions and proceeded to taunt her, while taking photos of her private parts and even going as far as to insert their fingers into her vajayjay.

University authorities are looking into this matter but I do not have any confidence in my Alma Mater. For years, students have been parading alleged thieves naked through the streets of campus (from Commonwealth Hall to the Main gate) in order to pond them.  And the university has always turned a blind eye to the happenings on. Debates yesterday on facebook had people comparing what happened to this girl to the pondings that were delivered to the boys who stole in the past.  Well let me say this, when you stole from Commonwealth or any Hall in the past, you had a choice.  Either you went to the shrine at La or were handed over to University Authorities or you had an option of being marched naked through the streets of campus with the culmination of a “decent” bath in the filthy pond at the main gate.

Amina was not given any of those choices. These boys tore, (shredded, call it what you will ) her clothes from her body and then did something that has never before been done, even by those troublesome Vandals. They crossed that fine line that exists in mob mentality where the role of criminal and victim are turned around.  See, once Amina was down on the floor clutching her tattered bra to her chest and begging the boys not to go any farther, she ceased to be a thief in my eyes.  She became a sexual assault victim, pleading with her attackers to have mercy on her.  She became a woman begging a gang of men not to violate her person. 

I don’t know how many of you have ever been in such a situation before (I certainly hope you haven’t) but I doubt there is anything more damaging than having a gang of men or women (or even a single person) out to sexually molest you and you laying in a defenseless heap with nothing but your tears to protect you.

I’m still trying to reconcile what they did and simply cannot find a single rhyme or reason. Who in their right mind captures a thief in their home and then decides “Let’s see what they look like under those clothes”.  Who in their right mind chooses to get their Johnses off when they find a burglar in their home.  “Oh thanks for comming to rob me.  I’d like to have the sex now” I do not think that I have ever been more ashamed to have been a student of the University of Ghana and I am glad now that I did not follow my father’s footsteps and join Sarbah Hall.  He’s certainly upset about it.

I’m against sexual abuse of any person (be they male or female, child or adult) or animal and can only describe what I feel right now as empathy.  I wept when I saw the video (couldn’t finish watching it) and wish now that I hadn’t been linked to it. If I cannot condone lynching a person for some crime, then how on earth can I condone sexually abusing them? I keep thinking what if this had been a case of mistaken identity? Just imagine for a second, for those of you who want to justify what happened to her, that these kids had made a mistake.  What if they’d grabbed the wrong person and abused them in such a manner?  What if your sister had been the one they’d grabbed in their frenzy? It shames me to have people I respect and admire tell me she deserved what she got and that this time she’ll learn her lesson.  It shames me to hear people I expect to do something ask me if I knew this girl and demand to know “why are you being so emotional about this?”  

No one cares!!!  A clear case of human rights violation and no one cares!!! Someone had the guts to say on facebook that if it had been a man, we wouldn’t be making so much noise about it. He said to “get it right.  It’s human rights not women’s rights” and I set him straight. We’ve been complaining for years about mob action.  Been speaking out forever about the marches to the uni pond. Clearly that was championing human rights and that was when it was even only men being abused. I have never heard of a case when a male thief was being paraded naked in the streets and the girls went over to stroke his manhood.  It’s plain disgusting to think of if you ask me.
The reason this person seems to think the world champions women’s rights is simply this.  Women and Children have always been weaker and therefore more defenceless.  Of course when you hear stories about human rights violation, they’re going to be about women being raped or molested and children being treated the same or worse.  And men, when they are abused, shut up about it.  Show me one case where a man was abused sexually and people threw a party for his attackers. 
This guy made a case of “women rape men and women beat men”.  PLEASE!!! It’s anatomically IMPOSSIBLE for a woman to rape a man unless she chooses to sodomise him and if you showed me such a case, I’d be first to condemn it. If it had been girls fingering Amina, I would still be talking about it.  If it had been boys sodomising a man or woman, I would be talking about it.  If it had been boys groping a male thief, I’d STILL be talking about it.  SEXUAL ABUSE is wrong and any person that seeks to justify and rationalise it away and promotes it is a big fat filthy IDIOT and should experience it for themself.

I want to see Amina fight for her justice now.  The state can do whatever they want concerning the theft but now the state HAS to round up the students responsible and deal with them.  Amina deserves justice.  She has become one of the many victims of sexual abuse and if it’s one thing that I know, Victims Never Forget. She didn’t ask for it.  This is not her fault and instead of men and women applauding these depraved students for their actions, I would like for there to be a united voice, calling for Justice, calling for heads to roll.  The university needs to be strict when they apprehend these students and the State should be well prepared to fight this to the end.  

I also hope that we will find a way to talk to our students.  We need to get it into people’s thick skulls, right from childhood, that sex is not a tool for punishment. 

Another thing that worried me was the way in which the video went viral.  I know some people meant well and wanted the world to see the depravity of man but did anyone think for a second that it would be adding more insult to this girl’s injury?  I sat down to think and I wondered, would I be okay with it, if my rape was taped and spread over the internet? Would you be fine if your friend, sibling, mother was attacked and the video making its rounds to every cellphone and computer, not only in your country but going as far as to hit the internet, where the entire world can see? So I asked the person who uploaded the video to delete it.  Did he? When I checked at 3pm yesterday, he hadn’t done that.  Now, his facebook profile has been deleted. Thank God for facebook crawler bots and the report violation button 🙂

No matter how you look at it, there is no “justice” in what was done to Amina. This is a human being (forget her crime) who was sexually abused by a gang and she’s never going to get over it.  I insist that we do not simply sweep this under a rug.  I’ll keep talking about it and demand that we hear something tangible from the Ghanaian government and the University authorities.  I demand that something be done to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. You can be sure that I’ll be writing more about this, that I’ll continue to make a nuisance of myself until someone in authority says something. And it had better not be along the lines of  “It is not nice and especially when it involves students who are supposed to know better…” and then nothing is done. We have a judiciary and laws have been put in place to handle these things.  Now I want to see these laws and their enforcers DO THEIR DAMN JOB!!

My heart goes out to Amina.  No matter what her crime was, she definitely did not deserve such a punishment and I pray that true justice is served.


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Rain Rain Go Away…..

Intercloud lightnings over Toulouse (France). ...Image via Wikipedia
Thunder Scares me
Lightning too
All I want to be
Is curled up beside you

Waking up to the roar of thunder and flash of lightning, I’m suddenly reminded of the scene from “The Sound of Music” where Maria sings and dances with the children about “My Favourite things” and not feeling “So Bad”. Well, Maria was a nun.  What works for me on rainy days is a special someone to curl up next to, preferably under a warm blanket on the couch with a good black and white movie running on the telly.  I don’t care what Maria says, Lil’ Miz Daixy insists “Nothing beats having someone warm to hold you when it’s raining cats and dogs.’ and “besides, my curtains need a wash and aren’t so good for rubbing my face in”.  Cary Grant in “Arsenic and Old Lace” does it for me every time.
Being alone on this cold dreary night and wanting something to distract me, I’ve chosen to make myself hungry by watching video tutorials on the art of sushi. It sure beats staring at the lightning flashing at my window and jumping every time the thunder rolls.

It’s been a while since I played with food and now I must find myself a bamboo mat and wasabi, and someone to take me on a date to a good sushi restaurant 😉

Once I’m done rummaging through the fridge, I’m gonna find me a good book; another thing Maria didn’t consider (music freak) lol.
What do you do on stormy nights? Love or hate them? And if you like old movies, what are your favourites?

Corrupt Conductors Conniving to Cheat!…

Road from Kumasi to AccraImage by acameronhuff via Flickr
So last weekend, Obed Sarpong of “Ready to Chew” gave me a copy of Ayi Kwei Armah‘s “The Beautiful Ones are not yet Born.  In the beginning chapter, a corrupt conductor confesses, albeit subconsciously to cheating his passengers.  I was successfully grossed out in that chapter (and the following one), especially by the actions of the equally disgusting driver against “The Man”, whose sole crime is falling asleep in the bus.
Today’s post isn’t about the book, however.  I haven’t finished it yet.  Multiple tasks at work and elsewhere have had me so busy that chapter three is as far as I’ve made it.  I’m not going to rant about how horrible it is, for me not to wrap it up, especially as I’d usually be done in less than two hours but I will say that I will finish it before the next week begins (I need some me time).
It’s really sad that corruption still runs rampant in Ghana today.  Things have changed since Independence and yet people still find it necessary to lie and cheat their way out of their so called poverty.  Disabled persons who have been trained by the “Ghana Federation for the Disabled” refuse to practice their crafts and prefer to litter the streets.  One cured leper (at least I hope she’s cured) hangs about the National Theatre, thumping her stump (for want of a better word.  it’s 4am and I can’t think) against private car and taxi windows to demand money.  Not only does she bang incessantly on the glass, but she hurls insults and curses at you when you refuse to hand over money. SMH.
A seemingly blind man approaches my car and even without my uttering a word greets me with “My daughter, good morning.”  Eii!  With my windows rolled up, how did you know I was a woman?  And a daughter at that! I sincerely doubt that he was able to smell my perfume.  How sad does one have to be to pretend to be blind?  Before someone jumps on my neck, I’ll say this now.  There was no one standing next to him.  This was on the flag staff road and he was all alone. My perfume must have been really strong for it to permeate glass, plastic and metal. Or he’s the ghanaian version of the daredevil.  You take your pick.
Even when the avenues are created for the less fortunate to make a little something of themselves, it seems the need to stick it to the man overwhelms the desire to fend for oneself.  It saddens me every time I recall a friend’s story about how her father offered  a Chadian woman a job so she could take her children off the street.  Would you believe the woman run her finger on her skin then on his and asked if he was right in the head?  That “how can I come and work for you, a slave?”  And yet she was okay with standing by the road with her kids and begging that slave for money.  
What is this country and the world for that matter heading for? There are people willing to help, and yet someone sits somewhere and decides that they are above a type of work.  Sad thing is, I know how my friend feels cuz my own dad had a similar response when he offered to help one of them (eugh I hate using that term, “one of them”.  Generalisation is awful! Hopefully you get that it’s not my intent). After getting such an answer, you pretty much feel like dirt and that it’s not worth the effort to help anyone at all.  This is what happens when we let this evil fester in us.  It becomes a dog eat dog world, with everyone looking out for themselves.
Now why am I so pissed off?  Well I went to visit a friend at Spintex.  I knew the place to be “Flowerpot Junction” Not having a car anymore, I chose to save money and take a tro tro instead of a taxi.  The tro tro to the Accra Mall was no problem but I’ve only driven to that area like twice and had no idea what the stops were called.  My friend told me to tell them I was going to Junction, so I did and paid 55p for the trip from the station to “junction”.  Now it soon became clear that junction was farther away than my actual stop.  The lady next to me had said she was going to flowerpot and I realised her stop was the same as mine.  She told me the fare to flowerpot was 40p. So we both alerted the mate (conductor) and as i got out of the car, I asked for my change.  The mate slapped something into my hand and before I could raise my head, the tro tro shoved off.  What was in my palm? A 5p coin.
I had been swindled!  Me!  The Darling Daixy!  
I’m still amazed.  It’s not the fact that he took my 10p.  Bah to heck with that.  It’s only going to buy me water.  Not enough to get me gum even, and yet it still rankles.  Just because he realised I did not know where the junction was, he’d pilfered my hard earned 10p.  That’s what annoys me ; being underestimated and written off as some foolish newbie who does not and will never know the ways of the street.  I felt (and still do) violated and insulted.  A girl steps out of her comfort zone (what business do I have in the Spintex Area? eh) and the first thing that happens is someone takes advantage of her?  I’m really getting tired of this.  Stuff keeps happening that digs me deeper into my jaded shell.  Soon, there’ll be none of the humanity left in me, just a spectre with a strong conviction that she must never be taken advantage of. Much like the rest of the nation is becoming. 
As though I wasn’t bad enough.  LOL

*tro tro: mini van for public transport

The Ghanaian Engine That…

Turned Lil’ Miz Daixy Into a Giggling Idiot.
So a couple of Months ago, my buddy Tetekai over at Lyrix Chronicles wrote about “Wanting a TsooTsoo Train”.  She bemoaned the lack of what we’ve come to recognise as a “proper train”.  Thanks to our childhood books and cartoons/movies, a lot of us (myself inclusive) seem to think of trains as engines with carriages; ergo the disappointment at seeing a ratty old cargo train.
Well, I’ve already said this to her, but can’t keep from telling everyone else that I saw a real live choo choo train! 
So umm….a friend kidnapped me Friday evening to go get my hair fixed at “Melon Salon” at Dzoworlu (you really need to check this place out).  Let’s just say, I really needed a proper trim.  Anywho, I was waiting for my turn when I heard this alarm and ignorant moi, asked “what the heck’s going on out there?”  Well, my buddy just turns to me and says, “Oh that’s just the train”. 
Just the train? Just the train?!!! Never in my entire life living in Ghana, have I ever seen a train.  Not even the snarly cargo thing that Tetekai saw. So what did this grown woman do?  I ran out of the salon to stand by the roadside, yelling for him to grab a camera.  Lo and behold, there really was a train and it was loading passengers.  “The train moves to and from Tema” my friend says and all the while, I’m asking ridiculous questions he can’t possibly answer.  “How long has it been running?” “You mean to say it’s been running since we were kids?” “Oh my gosh, how big is it? How fast can it go?” I was truly blown away by the fact that Accra has a running “train”. This one, in fact.
Yes, I waited out there for the train to finish loading and then watched it finally pull out.  I counted six (6) carriages! Did I mention I was holding my friend’s hand the whole time? (Poor guy didn’t get why I was so excited, lol) My mind must have swapped with that of a four year old or something because I really did giggle, gasp and laugh with obvious glee as the red, gold and green worm snaked it’s way out of my sight.
And then I called Tetekai to scream about it, like the excited schoolgirl I am inside!  It didn’t end there though.  While pinned under the good old comb and scissors, the train passed by on it’s way from Tema.  I forgot to ask where in Accra it ends.  You’d think I’d have my fill of trains after that, right?  No way!  As we were driving from Dzoworlu into Osu, we were stopped right before the train tracks.  Why? The train was passing through, AGAIN on its way to Tema.  Of course, that had me on the phone once more, rubbing it into poor Tetekai’s face (or ears, if you will) that I’d seen a real train.
I’m not joking about this.  Forget the subways in New York and such that I’ve seen and been on, I have NEVER set eyes on any sort of train in Ghana  (unless you count the kiddie trains at the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park).  
Now all that remains for me to do is take a ride on Accra’s CHOO CHOO TRAIN!!!
Happy New Year!!!
PS. I know it’s so very American of me to say “choo choo” instead of “tsoo tsoo” but until I heard Keteke’s Tsoo Tsoo in 2000, I had no idea ghanaians called it that lol.

Chotto Kawaiiii

Child held in a car seat by a five point harnessImage via Wikipedia

Driving out with dad today, I was busy running my mouth off when I heard a little voice calling, “bye bye…”  Looking up at the SUV next to me, I noticed the little tyke waving at me from the passenger window.  Forgetting the point I was making to my dad, I found myself turning into a squealing baby lover.  “Aaaaaw aren’t you cuuuuuute!  Buh Bye……”  Complete with giant smile and waves. It’s this quarter life crisis I tell you!  I can’t resist cute and adorable children!!!!!

And then I spent most of the rest of the drive gushing to dad about how cute the little boy was and how when I have kids I’d want them to be as sweet as that one.  It wasn’t until later that I realised,

  • He was in the front seat
  • On his mother’s lap
  • He wasn’t in a car seat!!!
  • His mother didn’t smile at me (maybe she doesn’t like people complimenting her son and refusing to compliment her :P) 
  • I want one of my own!!! Not in the distant future, or next year, or tomorrow….I want one NOW!  The boyfriend better get to work fast lol.

I got nothing but mad rambling today.  Sorry…….I’m going to give myself a good work out and get off this happy high lol