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A Language of Stars

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Img Source: Zias


I love you
Like the moon does the sun,
Bathing in its warm rays to reflect
Light, heat, gravitational energy;
Pulling a sea of emotions to and fro

I love you
Even as a dream
Of sandcastles and wave-hewn rocks
And seaweed monsters defeated by salt-foam dragons

I miss you
Like the sky does the sun at night
These stars?
They are but pale imitations
Of your cosmic heat

I need you
But you are too far gone,
Your love-light turned moon
Basking in the rays of another sun.


Love Upon a Time

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Love cradled me long ago
 In a life once upon a time,
 I laid beside him;
 My ear,
 Tucked beneath his heart,
 Listening to staccato beat

Love broke one day
 In the blink of an eye
 I grasped him;
 Tight to my bosom
 Legs wrapped about him
 As he drove home our last goodbye

Love went away
 Seemingly to die
 I raised a marker;
 Where my heart once bled
 Now marble cold
 Without his warming light

Love sits in limbo
 A place beyond space and time
 It floats in stasis;
 For cryogenic frost
 To melt beneath renewed heat

Love stirs for you
 Even within layers of pain
 It yearns for release;
 My heart,
 Straining to meet and match
 Each beat for fervent beat

Ebb n Flow

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My Love,

At times you are timid;

Testing my temperature as the ocean water tickles the shore

Others, you are more sure of yourself;

Ebbing and flowing about me,

Stroking emotions I have hidden far too long.

Yet others you come crashing in;

Tempestuous, unbridled, fierce

Then retreat,

Ripping a piece of me with you

Leaving me longing,

And when I least expect it;

Come crashing home once more,

Into my arms, a penitent sinner,

Relentless in your pleas for mercy.

Ever the fool, I take you back

For what is a beach without her ocean love?


Beware, My Love,

That you do not retreat too often,

That you control your storm-driven heart,

For there is only so much of me

And soon,

There will be nothing left for you to return to.

Flight Song

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Come along with me
On a discovery
Of a world between dream and reality
Float away with me
Make no apologies
For the song within you.

Sing of a memory
Set your soul free
To roam the earth as it
Was meant to

Sing of the love
That you won and lost
The joys; and pain you’ve paid as cost
Sing of your hopes
To find another heart
That beats a matching tune to yours.

Soar on up with me
Just a bit higher,
Let go of your hold on gravity
Behind you are the tears of the past
Ahead, endless possibilities

Let your voice ring out
Here no one can stop your ascent
You can let go of the yearning
From deep in your soul.
See? the clouds of hurt,
Are parting before you

No no, don’t hide from the light
Reach out for it.
Can’t you hear it calling to you?
You are no Icarus
You will not burn
Go on, touch the sun

Ooh, can you feel the love?
Let it pulsate about you
Breathe it all in
Now sing,
Sing your heart out
Allow this journey to heal you

There! You hear it?
That perfect harmony?
Feel those arms embracing you,
Those lips caressing yours?
No no, don’t run. Stay right there.
You are right where you are meant to be

What’s that?
No, no you don’t need to know the way back.
You’re a balloon, you have no need for the past
And look, you have someone to rise with.
There you go! Accept this reality
The other is now but a fading dream.



Image Source
What I love about you
I can’t quite explain
There’s a thrill that runs through me
at the mention of your name
A tremble in my belly
And a shiver down my spine,
It’s the whisper of your voice;
Asking to be mine

It’s the tickle of your fingers,

As they tangle in my hair
The trail of tender kisses,
that leave me gasping for air

It’s that welcome intoxication
Brought on by the smell of you;
Of earth and pine, and good old hard work;
An essence that has become, unmistakably, you.

It’s the way you look at me;
Longing for more.
In your eyes I see a promise;
To love, to cherish
Protect and adore

You truly make me wonder
What else love has in store
And I cannot wait to discover
It all with you, amor.

*You know who you are*

Rain Rain Go Away…..

Intercloud lightnings over Toulouse (France). ...Image via Wikipedia
Thunder Scares me
Lightning too
All I want to be
Is curled up beside you

Waking up to the roar of thunder and flash of lightning, I’m suddenly reminded of the scene from “The Sound of Music” where Maria sings and dances with the children about “My Favourite things” and not feeling “So Bad”. Well, Maria was a nun.  What works for me on rainy days is a special someone to curl up next to, preferably under a warm blanket on the couch with a good black and white movie running on the telly.  I don’t care what Maria says, Lil’ Miz Daixy insists “Nothing beats having someone warm to hold you when it’s raining cats and dogs.’ and “besides, my curtains need a wash and aren’t so good for rubbing my face in”.  Cary Grant in “Arsenic and Old Lace” does it for me every time.
Being alone on this cold dreary night and wanting something to distract me, I’ve chosen to make myself hungry by watching video tutorials on the art of sushi. It sure beats staring at the lightning flashing at my window and jumping every time the thunder rolls.

It’s been a while since I played with food and now I must find myself a bamboo mat and wasabi, and someone to take me on a date to a good sushi restaurant 😉

Once I’m done rummaging through the fridge, I’m gonna find me a good book; another thing Maria didn’t consider (music freak) lol.
What do you do on stormy nights? Love or hate them? And if you like old movies, what are your favourites?


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Swiss ChocolatesImage via Wikipedia


Stolen Kisses
Beneath a moonlit gaze
Tender Caresses
Effecting a stuporous daze
Heated words
Carelessly whispered in an ear
Of passion and promised love
A body’d desire to hear
Secret Letters
That bare the soul
Gifts; of food and trinkets
Intended to show
What’s written in bold
Across the heart
“I love you”
“I’ll never depart”
Ah, The Lovers’ delight
In Wanton Abandon
Setting  hearts afire
Since Time’s creation
And always the poet
Agent of articulation,
Stands ready to fan the flames
With generous application
Of vivid colours and sounds
Tastes and Textures
Intoxicating aromas that abound
It’s no wonder man submits
Without much restraint
To Sweet Temptation
Like the canvas to the paint
Depicting a perfect picture
Of Love’s unconstraint
Just cuz I hate this day don’t mean I should be a spoilsport for the rest of you 🙂

Light vs. Dark……

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Smokey CandleImage by PeterLinLin via Flickr


Wiry vaporous spectres
Dance about the naked blaze
Their lithesome frames
Gyrating, Sensuous, Mesmerising
Engaged in haphazard flight.
Piercing the sinister shadow
They make their valiant attempts
To strike at the dark nothingness
That lies beyond the lonesome light.
Baleful, Lurking,
Ever- patient it awaits
That inevitable moment
When, exhausted,
The hapless flame
Delivers its final flicker.
And eventually, spent,
The extinguished light of love,
And its silent wraiths,
Are laid to rest within
The gloomy bowels of  the night.
I’d like to thank the Electricity Company of Ghana for the inspiration for this piece.  The past four nights spent in darkness have afforded me the opportunity to play, as I did as a child, with candles.  Happy New Year’s people.  May 2011 bring out the best in us.  God Bless.

Up to here……

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I wish that I didn’t have to feel
For numbness to mask the pain
That I had space to heal
And didn’t have to see your cheating face again

I wish you’d just leave me be
To live my life in peace
Must you keep tabs on me
Ensure that I’m still down on my knees?

Don’t you think you’ve done enough
To tear my world apart
To shatter dreams of my gullible youth
And trample on my oh so fragile heart?

I’m sick and tired of crying
Of wondering what I did wrong
Even though I realise that you were a lying
Cheating Ass all along!

You almost broke my spirit
But you really should cease your jubilations,
You see, because I’ve finally hit my limit

So I’ll say this one last time
I’ve had enough of you
And I’ll get over your insidious crime
If it’s the last thing I do

Quit trying to check out my facebook
And calling me up on the phone
Don’t come over to give me that puppy dog look
And for goodness sakes, LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!!



Ghana's 50th Independence Anniversary national...Image by nova3web via Flickr

My voice; the anthem

To which your body must rise
Erect, rigid; in token salute.
Acquaint yourself with the quake
From your powerful thighs
For I intend to play all day


Seems this is a naughty week for me.   I know I’m leaving myself open but here it is.  I have no idea what’s gotten into me 😛 but I’m using this as continuation to Chemistry.  Class is in session 😉