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A Language of Stars

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Img Source: Zias


I love you
Like the moon does the sun,
Bathing in its warm rays to reflect
Light, heat, gravitational energy;
Pulling a sea of emotions to and fro

I love you
Even as a dream
Of sandcastles and wave-hewn rocks
And seaweed monsters defeated by salt-foam dragons

I miss you
Like the sky does the sun at night
These stars?
They are but pale imitations
Of your cosmic heat

I need you
But you are too far gone,
Your love-light turned moon
Basking in the rays of another sun.


Love Upon a Time

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Love cradled me long ago
 In a life once upon a time,
 I laid beside him;
 My ear,
 Tucked beneath his heart,
 Listening to staccato beat

Love broke one day
 In the blink of an eye
 I grasped him;
 Tight to my bosom
 Legs wrapped about him
 As he drove home our last goodbye

Love went away
 Seemingly to die
 I raised a marker;
 Where my heart once bled
 Now marble cold
 Without his warming light

Love sits in limbo
 A place beyond space and time
 It floats in stasis;
 For cryogenic frost
 To melt beneath renewed heat

Love stirs for you
 Even within layers of pain
 It yearns for release;
 My heart,
 Straining to meet and match
 Each beat for fervent beat

Relationship Peeves…What ticks you off?

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A while ago I got to thinking about common relationship peeves; some of which I have dealt with in the past, and on request by a certain Kofi Laing I put them down on paper. This applies, I think, not just to your life partners but to room/housemates, siblings etc.

Here’s my list so far for whatever unlucky bugger ends up sharing a house with my OCD personality type behind.

  1. Leaving the toilet seat up!. Men just don’t get why women hate this. Until you have fallen into a toilet, you just won’t get it. It’s happened to me on a dumsor night and it wasn’t pretty. Please don’t do this to your women.
    This peeve goes a bit further though when the other half leaves the toilet lid up. Please keep the lid down, especially when flushing to loo.

    Do you have any idea how far the bacteria splash from an open toilet bowl goes? Toothbrushes, face and handtowels….eugh!

    Please keep me covered
  2. Dripping pee on the floor. Us women thought the whole idea of you lifting the seat was so you wouldn’t get pee everywhere.
  3. Not wiping properly when you do a number 2. Streaky boxers and briefs are sooo not what I signed up for here. Otherwise, you’re going to do your own laundry.
  4. Toothpaste Wars!
    Why you do this? 😮

    Why can’t you squeeze from the bottom? And when you brush your teeth, must you really spray the mirror? Maybe we should have separate bathrooms.

    Yes, I actually fold up my toothpaste from the bottom. I don’t use a clip though but this is a cool idea
  5. Hairs on soap. Don’t even want to think about where the hairs are from but umm…maybe you could stick to the showergel and leave my herbal soap bars alone?
  6. Why can’t you pick up after yourself?  Even worse when it’s clothes. Wet ones. Like towels. And right after I’ve cleaned!
  7. Singing an annoying song… just to get it stuck in my head. I see you “Lamb Chops Play Along”.
  8. Clipping your nails in the bedroom…not cleaning em up after. Please do this in the bathroom on newspaper. And trash em.
  9. Failing to replace toilet paper in the bathroom. And when you do, placing it backwards. Please don’t do this…
    Photo Credit :

    I’ll love you always if you do this:

    I like facing this way.
  10. Chewing food loudly or talking with your mouth full. Basically just eating like a Neanderthal. That’s a deal breaker. I’d be out of that relationship so fast, or my poor housemate would be looking for new lodgings.
  11. Blanket nabbing. Please don’t hog the blanket, oh future husband. I get so cold and would even prefer we snuggle for warmth. I’m going to apologise in advance though because I have cold feet and will no doubt be putting them on your legs or back.
  12. Alarm wars. Soooo this one is really something you will hate about me, oh future husband. I’m a snoozer. My alarm is really for 6:30am but I set it for 5:00 am. And another at 5:30 and then at 6:00. I will hit snooze for every single one of them except for 6:30. I apologise in advance because it is bound to annoy you. But hey, I have a solution. Roll over and turn that first alarm off and come say “good morning”. 🙂 And don’t worry about being late for work. There’s three more alarms to make sure we’re out of bed in time for work.

So what are your pet peeves? Are they issues you can work around? Maybe even ignore? Or are some of them deal breakers that mean war and tears? Please share in the comments below.