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Month: November 2011


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What I love about you
I can’t quite explain
There’s a thrill that runs through me
at the mention of your name
A tremble in my belly
And a shiver down my spine,
It’s the whisper of your voice;
Asking to be mine

It’s the tickle of your fingers,

As they tangle in my hair
The trail of tender kisses,
that leave me gasping for air

It’s that welcome intoxication
Brought on by the smell of you;
Of earth and pine, and good old hard work;
An essence that has become, unmistakably, you.

It’s the way you look at me;
Longing for more.
In your eyes I see a promise;
To love, to cherish
Protect and adore

You truly make me wonder
What else love has in store
And I cannot wait to discover
It all with you, amor.

*You know who you are*