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Chotto Kawaiiii

Child held in a car seat by a five point harnessImage via Wikipedia

Driving out with dad today, I was busy running my mouth off when I heard a little voice calling, “bye bye…”  Looking up at the SUV next to me, I noticed the little tyke waving at me from the passenger window.  Forgetting the point I was making to my dad, I found myself turning into a squealing baby lover.  “Aaaaaw aren’t you cuuuuuute!  Buh Bye……”  Complete with giant smile and waves. It’s this quarter life crisis I tell you!  I can’t resist cute and adorable children!!!!!

And then I spent most of the rest of the drive gushing to dad about how cute the little boy was and how when I have kids I’d want them to be as sweet as that one.  It wasn’t until later that I realised,

  • He was in the front seat
  • On his mother’s lap
  • He wasn’t in a car seat!!!
  • His mother didn’t smile at me (maybe she doesn’t like people complimenting her son and refusing to compliment her :P) 
  • I want one of my own!!! Not in the distant future, or next year, or tomorrow….I want one NOW!  The boyfriend better get to work fast lol.

I got nothing but mad rambling today.  Sorry…….I’m going to give myself a good work out and get off this happy high lol




    1. Awww… that’s so cuuuuute! :3

      You might have given the baby a weird look that sent his mom on defensive mode. Yeah, maybe that’s it. The expression “You look so cute! I could just eat you up!” must have come to mind during the brief encounter. lol…

      Regardless, it’s still quite startling that the mother would neglect the child’s safety that much. It sadly is quite the norm in society today.

      Here’s to you setting the trend, Daixy!


      September 28, 2010
    2. So go get one. You have a bf, no? Um, Wiki got no pics of black babies?

      September 28, 2010
    3. @ Will, I think that explains it lol.

      Now here’s to ghanaian parents strapping their kids in (Say NO to seatbelts for children!!!) and of course I’ma set it off in style lol

      September 28, 2010
    4. @ Nya Nya, I use Zemanta to provide pics and links and didn’t bother to look for a black baby. Besides, the focus was more of the “strap your kids into a seat” than a “oh look at the beautiful baby!” 😛

      September 28, 2010
    5. There was a discussion on a radio station(forgot which one)about baby-seats and babies being strapped in the front seat or on an adult’s lap. It was agreed that most parents think babies are safer in the front seat or on their lap, and most do not have baby-seats.

      I adore cute babies too(*shrieks*)

      September 28, 2010
    6. @ Tetekai, it’s sad really that most people don’t even know that children should not be wearing seat belts, that the belts can actually kill them.
      They also do not seem to know that airbags can kill a child 🙁

      Did you know car seats are good for only one accident? So you can’t go to kantamanto to buy your baby seat thinking to economize… Another thing to blog about maybe?

      Lol maybe we should both get a clue from that woman. GET YER OWN!!! lol or we’re going to be baned from every park, sunday school and nursery in a 15 mile radius 😉

      September 29, 2010
    7. Okay Nanasei, I’m finally able to breathe a bit lol.

      I forgot to state that the kid was STANDING in his mother’s lap. Sure, she had a hold on him, but it was a loose one. Remember it was an SUV…If the child had been sitting, I wouldn’t have seen him. (I drive a saloon car lol) The woman’s hold certainly wouldn’t do anything to help if the driver had to break suddenly….

      About seatbelts, the ones on baby seats strap on tight. They aren’t left loose and wrapping along a kid’s neck. In that, the baby chair people are right. Regular seat belts are just NOT RIGHT for our little ones. But I do get your point about them manipulating and monopolising the market/consumer. I don’t know what statistics they have, but most collisions that I read about are front end collisions. This may explain why it is they seem to concentrate on facing the kids backwards. It may make perfect sense to them and seems alright to me, but instictively, I can’t turn a child backwards in a car. We’ll have to find a way of fixing that.

      I don’t know about you but McDonalds double cheese burgers are great for me lol. I’ve always been skinny but the times I’ve gained the most weight have been when in the US and wolfing down Mickey D’s burgers and fries. I guess what’s good for you ain’t always good for your neighbour, eh?

      September 30, 2010
    8. Daixy, did you know McDonald’s has rebranded the double cheeseburger? It’s now known as the “McDouble”! It has the same two burgers but, this time, with just 1 sheet of cheese. I think it has affected the taste somehow. lol

      October 5, 2010
    9. What? That’s sacrilege!!! It’s double cheese not double beef! Eugh I need to see this for myself and then write to Mickey Dee

      November 5, 2010

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