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Month: April 2010


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Your touch; Ever the catalyst
Setting off a chain reaction from head to toe,
First, a tingling sensation
Then, liquid heat; Searing through my veins
Forbidden Pleasure I can’t resist


Just something I drummed up on my lunch break today.  Dunno where it came from….maybe it’s on account of the boyfriend is coming back home!!! 
Decided to make a little series of this, as and when the inspiration strikes me, to finish off with the rest of the five senses.  The final product should, when put together make one nice five stanza’d poem 🙂  Wish me luck!

Daixy on: Gordon Brown, GET A PA ALREADY!!!

I often call this man the UK’s George W. Bush.  It’s been my private joke for years, calling them both G.B., watching as they both gaff on the international stage.  I’ve always wondered who his PR people were and if he had a personal assistant to remind him to remove his napkin when stepping out from the local delli.  Well this week, I think I got my answer.

See, Gordie allowed himself to be hooked up to a radio mic.  He spoke to a supporter of his party, who asked him what he was going to do about all the foreigners in their part of the world.  Gordie, after the interview, then turned to his peeps when he got into his car and made a comment about the woman being rather bigoted.Uh oh, did you forget about your mic Gordie?!!!

Big mistake Gordie!  You don’t make swipes at the people on your side.  Now, if he’d had someone like me on his team, knowing how loose his jaw muscles are, they could have turned off the mic real quick, or hit him on the head; whichever would have prevented him from oh so squarely stuffing his foot in his mouth.

Now, the conservatives are having a field day, and I have something to laugh about.  I’ll be saying a little prayer for the big man and hoping he can avoid such mistakes in the future.  I doubt his campaign can handle anymore surprises.