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Falling Hard…..

A couple of weeks ago I put this up.

Setting myself up for a huge fall

With only nine more days to go, I have to admit that I have failed!!!

I yelled F%$# You to the driver overtaking in the curve that almost pushed me into a gutter.  I screamed it at a mate who, after his driver had blocked my path with his van was cussing at me and hitting my hood to make sure I knew he was talking to me ( actually threw in more for his benefit and watched his face go white, if a black man could ever do that lol).  I also screamed it when a physiotherapist cracked my spine back in alignment.  No doubt I’ll say it again when I meet with him on Monday.

So, I have succeeded in only one out of three.  Shame on me.  But I must say, I can’t seem to make myself regret it one bit.  Bad little catholic girl, I can just imagine what my priest’s got to say when he reads this ROFL.

So, I’ve fallen and fallen hard.  It’s time now to bandage my wounds and prepare myself for the next climb.  Optimism never killed anyone.  Right?  uhh….right?


PS.  I’ve been busy busy and not had the chance to get online much over the past couple of weeks.  This should be remedied methinks when my new laptop arrives and I’m once again the resident geek.  I’m looking forward to video games and a chance to work on some outstanding projects.  Don’t miss me too much.  I’ll be back ASAP 😀




  1. One or two swear words are not a sin, just a, how shall we say it, peccadillo!

    March 22, 2010
  2. LOL. It’s still a trait I wanna get rid of (who am I kidding? I LOVE my fisherman’s tongue) But it is kinda annoying that I couldn’t go the full 40 days. Better luck next time eh?

    March 23, 2010
  3. Nine days? Girl, you admitted failure a week or two after Ash Wednesday!

    Don’t worry. you’re not the only one who likes your “fisherman’s tongue” XD

    Forget the dumb@ss. He ain’t worth it… and as for your priest?

    He’ll probably get to “F%$# You” and have a seizure over the fallen of his flock 😛

    Just messing with ya. Good to have u back and making us smile. 🙂

    April 6, 2010
  4. LOL William. Yes, I failed quite early on in the game but then I was determined to go the rest of the season without uttering the word. And to be honest, I did manage to clean up my language till that really stressful day.

    I’m not back 🙁 Leaving first thing tomorrow morning for a trip to the northern regions and won’t be back till about the 20th or so. Guess y’all get to miss me a bit more.

    April 7, 2010

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