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Attack of the killer wall gecko…

3:20 am and I’m suddenly awake.  Something feels odd.  A flash of something catches my eye and being the curious person I am, I turn to find out what’s moving along my wall.

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GECKO!!!  Eugh!!  Now insert guttaral sounds of disgust here.

Since my bed is against the wall, this stupid creature decides to latch itself onto my pillow and then takes free reign over my bed.  Where am I? across the room making mewling sounds that wake my sister up. Like an amazonian warrior, she grabs a comb and sets to work flicking the bugger off my bed.

Me?  I’m in the sidelines saying, “He’s behind the shoe!”  “Get Him!” and “Kwasia!  Who said you could touch my sheets?”.  Suffice it to say she did a good job, relegating the beast to the floor and chasing it behind the fridge, muttering to it, “Now sleep so I can get some sleep of my own”.

Or was that to me?……

(Self confessed shrieker at most things reptilian, buggy and non domesticated furry)

PS.  I’m not sleeping on those sheets till they are boiled and washed lol




  1. lollllllllll hahahaaaaaaaaaa! mehn I need to catch my breath! Hate them wall geckos..I can imagine you bungee jumping off the bed..lool

    January 28, 2010
  2. Anonymous


    January 28, 2010
  3. I had a good laugh myself. It’s quite silly that a big girl like me should be afraid of geckos. But bottom line is, I can’t stand them and can’t imagine them touching me.

    JuaNita…laugh while you can. Next time you’re in GH, I’ll introduce you to a few friends 😛

    Anonymous….my family and coworkers are doing the same lol

    January 28, 2010

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